Who we are?

We are a new and dynamic transportation network that brings customers a whole new level of flexibility. Our mission is to both develop the transport sector and our customers’ procedures at the same time. We strive to deliver a better and more cost-effective operating concept. Our efficiency is based on innovation that can be proven by any calculator. Exclusive Logistics was founded on the principle of getting rid of the old and stiff operations in the sector. 


  • Our unbureaucratic administration and motivated workforce we react fast and efficiently, our adaptability is something that bigger networks can only dream of.
  • We do almost everything in-house. We strive to be independent of outside factors and immune to trouble in the sector.
  • In our wide range of transportation units, there is the right vehicle and professional for every mission.
  • With our united route-optimizing we can adapt to fluctuations in transportvolumes.
  • We use modern and eco-friendly vehicles and co-operate with manufactures to create more sustainable vehicles for tomorrow,
  • We train our staff in our own training center  in Vantaa. The focus is on safe, efficient operations and right working methods and wellness.
  • We are inaguarating a  quality system, compliant to standards SFS-ISO 9001:2008 and SFS-ISO 14001:2008.


  • Each one of our vehicles is equipped with GPS-based tracking, which also allows communications between the driver and dispatch. The system allows to react quickly to situations and gives a full vehicle movement history.
  • All of our truck are speed-limited to 80 km/h and vans to 100 km/h.
  • Idle time in our trucks is limited to three minutes, if possible we equip our vehicles with start&stop-systems.
  • Most of our vehicles fulfill the Euro5 and Euro6-emission standards


  • Our new concept was launched in 2014
  • Participating vehicles over 70 and growing
  • Over 7000 operations per day
  • Administration under 10 persons
  • Focused on delivery operations
  • Providing a true “door to door-service”
  • Excellent connections